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From the Pastor’s Desk


You are an amazingly faithful, loving, sacrificial, worshipful, joyful, generous, and hardworking congregation. Thank you to everyone who helped in preparing for, as well as, everyone who attended our Homecoming and Revival last week. Some of you were part of the planning committee, some part of the prayer groups, some of you helped set up and many of you came to sing and listen to God’s Word. From Sunday morning through Tuesday evening, I truly felt the Holy Spirit moving in and around us as we worshiped together. A renewed spark has been lit.

Revival is when individuals have a renewal in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Revival comes when people return to God with their heart, their soul, their mind, and their strength. Throughout Scripture, we are challenged to a revived relationship with God. One where sin is confessed, wrongs are righted and our walk with God is rekindled. During times of revival God’s people are restored from backsliding, a term John Wesley often used. That is what happened last week.

When revival comes everything is affected and nothing remains the same. The church is revitalized and the world is impacted. Christians become preoccupied with the things of God. They become intensely prayerful, listening to the Holy Spirit speak and move around, in and through them. They develop a hunger for the preached word which illuminates and powerfully penetrates the hearts of its hearers, bringing conviction, repentance and life transformation. When revival comes the church is restored to its mission. When revival comes believers develop a passionate concern for the spiritual welfare of the lost.

We must share the Word of God where it needs to be heard more than ever. We must go, do and be the body of Christ where needed in order to help transform lives. I am so grateful for this body of Christ who is filled with love, grace and the willingness to learn and grow as we transform and reflect the glory of God to the world. We must continue the rekindled spirit we experienced last week and not allow it to be reduced. Satan, through the workings of this world, will try to extinguish our flame by causing dissension and bitterness among God’s people. We can’t let that happen. The Holy Spirit is stronger than Satan and if we listen and follow the Spirit, we will stay strong and will bring people to Christ, glorifying God’s name.

And so our work is just beginning as renewed servants of God. The Spirit leads us out to bring the good news of the gospel to everyone, knowing that our ultimate counterculture weapon is the message of the death and resurrection of the Son of God. If “Revival is falling in love with Jesus all over again” as Vance Havner has said, my prayer is that each one of us has done just that.

“Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.” – 2 Corinthians 3:17-18
Grace and Peace, Pastor Debra

October Sermon Series
Twisting Truths

Oct. 2 – All Things Work Together for Good

Oct. 9 – To Get Into Heaven, Just Ask
Jesus Into your Heart

Oct. 16 – God Will Not Give You More Than
You Can Handle

Oct. 23 – My Private Life Is Nobody’s

Oct. 30 – Money Is the Root of All Evil

Children’s Sermon Rotation
Please Limit Sermon to 3 Minutes
October 2 Beverly Bradley
October 9 Pastor Debra
October 16 Kim Dalton
October 23 Pastor Debra
October 30 Barbara Mullinax

If you have a schedule conflict, please switch with someone and inform Dana.

Children’s Church is for children ages 4-7 & 8-11. The children will come into the sanctuary until the children’s sermon is over and then will be escorted to the children’s building.
Children’s Church Rotation

October 2 Ethan Hughes & Katie Allen
October 9 Ethan Hughes & Brenda Barker
October 16 Ethan Hughes & Sam Whitesides
October 23 Wes & Julie Bradley
October 30 Ethan Hughes & Bobbie Holland

Prayer Teams to Continue
Prayer as we have seen and experienced, is more powerful than we can ever imagine.

Lois Matheson Team – 1 Sunday a month after worship upstairs Men’s Fellowship Classroom – TBA
David Rhyne Team – Wed. 7:30pm Parlor – dates TBA
Debra’s Team – Tuesdays 9:30am
Sanctuary – Starting Oct. 25th
Look for dates in the weekly bulletins. Please feel free to join any group that fits your schedule. ALL are welcome.
In Memory/Honor:

Ed Barker
By: Johnny & Mary Alice Holland, Leonard & Darlene Dalton, Lena Wright, Nell Connor, Mary Lou Hord, Lois Matheson, Marshall & Phyllis Dilling, Shirley & Robbie Combs, Brenda Barker, Ken & Phyllis Corn
Bill Finison
By: Johnny & Mary Alice Holland, Evan Webb & Christine Alley, BMUMC Chancel Choir, Leonard & Darlene Dalton, Lena Wright, Michael & Janet Ramsey, Nell Connor, Mary Lou Hord, Lois Matheson, Marshall & Phyllis Dilling, George, Kelley, Alexis & Peyton Ratchford, Brenda Barker, Ken & Phyllis Corn
Manda Howe
By: Lois Matheson
Nancy Farmham
By: Marshall & Phyllis Dilling
Diane Wood: BMUMC Chancel Choir, Mary Lou Hord, Lois Matheson, Brenda Barker, Helen Honeycutt, Trula Ridley, Phyllis Corn
Sue Rhyne
By: Lois Matheson, Brenda Barker
Helen Honeycutt
By: Lois Matheson, Brenda Barker
Patricia Adams
By: Lois Matheson, Brenda Barker
David & Bobbie Holland’s 59th Anniversary
By: Brenda Barker, Lois Matheson
Bruce & Donna Bradley
By: Russ & Joyce Clark
In Honor of Teachers: Neil Styers, Bobbie Holland, Buddy Rogers, Wes Bradley, Angie Rogers, Jackie Short, Cathy Boshamer, Daniel Henderson
By: Clyde Wright Class
Russ Clark
By: Brenda Barker
Kenny Ballard
By: Brenda Barker
Glenda Rogers
By: Phyllis Corn

Bradley Church wishes to express sincere sympathy & prayers to Bill Kemp & his family on the death of his sister, Nancy Farmham, who passed away August 26, 2016.


“Counter Culture” by David Platt

6 Week Study
Tuesday’s 10:00 am & 6:30 pm
Starts October 25th – November 29th
Book cost: $13

“Everywhere we turn, battle lines are being drawn – traditional marriage vs. gay marriage, pro-life vs. pro-choice, personal freedom vs. governmental protection…Christians everywhere are asking the same question: How are we supposed to respond to all this?”

DEADLINE to sign-up
THIS Sunday, October 2nd

Exploring Membership Class
Sunday, October 9th, at 9:45 a.m.
In the Pastor’s Office
Whether you are a new member or have been attending for a while, if you would like to get to know more about Bradley Memorial UMC and what membership is all about, we’d love to have you attend!
There will be No pressure to join.
Please call the church office if you plan on attending the class.

Wednesday, October 5th
We will be going to David & Bobbie Holland’s house.

If you have items you would like to donate, please put those items in the designated area in the basement. Proceeds will go toward mission project.

Gastonia Street Ministries will meet Saturday, October 15th 6:45pm.


United Methodist Women Executive Committee will meet Sunday, October 23rd in the fellowship hall following Worship. Lunch will be provided.

Sunday, Oct. 30th at 3:30 pm
First UMC Gastonia

ALL Administrative Council members should plan to attend.



Administrative Council 3rd Sun. – Bi-Monthly
Sun. Oct. 9th 12:00 pm
Voting on Charge Conference Material

Education 2nd Thurs. – Bi-Monthly

Finance Quarterly

Missions 1st Wed. – Bi-Monthly

Nominations Fall

Staff Parish 1st Thurs. – Monthly
Tues. Oct. 11th 6:30 pm

Trustees 3rd Thurs. – Monthly
Thurs. Oct. 20th 5:00 pm

Witness 3rd Thurs. – Monthly
Thurs. Oct. 20th 6:30 pm

Worship 2nd Thurs. – Bi-Monthly
Thurs. Oct. 27th 7:00 pm


October 19th @ 6:00 pm. Make your reservations now and bring your family.

PLEASE DO NOT FORGET that articles for the next issue of the newsletter must be in the church office by Wednesday, October 12th for November Newsletter. This will ensure that the newsletter will be out in plenty of time for you to hear about all the exciting things happening within Bradley Memorial and in our community.

COMMITTEE CHAIRS – 2017 Budget Worksheets are in your boxes. Completed Worksheets are due in the church office Thursday, December 1st.

Mondays and Thursdays 6:15-7pm in old downstairs fellowship hall. Please see Susan Hooper or Kelley Ratchford if you have any questions.

What happens on Thursdays at 7:15? VOLLEYBALL!!!!
Everyone is invited to come and play or just watch the fun. Don’t miss it.

Thank you for your prayers, food, phone calls and cards during my recovery. Your kindness is greatly appreciated. Sue Rhyne

I would like to thank everyone for the cards and phone calls. Louise Auten

Dear Education Committee, Youth and Children:
The baby shower was the most thoughtful, sweetest idea. We felt so loved and blessed. The pillow with Adeline’s name we will cherish forever. You all are some of the kindest people we know and we pray for you all often.
Love Always,
Joe, Valerie and Adeline Freeman
Don’t forget… Daylight Saving Time Ends
Sunday, November 6th. Turn your clocks back
1 hour & enjoy sleeping in!

Come Join Us
Join Pastor Debra every Tuesday 11:45 am to 1:00 pm for the month of November.
Bring your own lunch—and come for interaction and dialogue, where you decide the topic.

November 2017
Walk in the Footsteps of Jesus
Educational Opportunity Tours
October 2nd 4:00pm at

1st UMC Conover
We will meet at Bradley

We will be joining another UMC group led by Rev. Gary Royals, former D.S. of the Metro District.
If you are unable to attend the meeting and you are interested in the trip, please let Pastor Debra know.

United Methodist Women will be having its annual Bazaar Saturday, November 19th 8am-11am. We are asking all the families in our church to participate. There will be a signup table at the entrance each Sunday morning. The casseroles needed are: Pineapple, sweet potato, chicken & wild rice, chicken & dressing, ground beef, and spaghetti casserole. We also need baked goods. Money raised at the Bazaar support local missions, bereavement, showers, scouts, etc.


Diane Wood 10/1
Kelly Sutton 10/1
Jennifer Sheppard 10/1
Kenny Ballard 10/2
Don Johnston 10/2
Ana Bradley 10/3
David McCarver 10/6
Nicholas Montoya 10/6
David Mattox 10/6
Lynn Nester 10/6
Amy Powers 10/7
George Ratchford 10/7
Linda Jenkins 10/7
Ruby Spencer 10/11
Bruce Bradley 10/12
Beverly Bradley 10/12
Faye Spencer 10/13
Judy Dalton 10/14
Tommy Thompson 10/15
Julie Bradley 10/17
Wayne Mullinax 10/17
Catherine Wheeler 10/18
Linda Glenn 10/19
Nancy Boyd 10/20
Kathy Gray 10/21
Doug Howe 10/21
Mitch Allen 10/24
Blair Smith 10/26
Sonny Smith 10/28
Kristen Selph 10/28
Erica Noles 10/29
Christal Hollingsworth 10/30
Our Fall Festival will be on October 29th from 11am-2pm. We will be going to Lewis farm. This event will be open to the entire church.
Cost $5.00 plus tax per person. Sign-up sheet will be posted soon.

As of September only one Children’s Church will be held for ages 4-8.
Hello all,
We will be having a Youth Event Saturday, October 22nd. More information will be coming in the following weeks.
Remember to think about what you would like to do for a service project later this month.

God’s World. God’s Word. God’s Work